18, almost 19 months

Baby is not really a baby these days, she is one of the kids. She likes to do everything they do. She is talking a little more, but so far I think she is the quietest of the kids. Probably because she gets drowned out by the big kids. She impresses me with what she understands though, and she seems to be saying more lately.

She loves sitting in chairs or on a little wall like this one. She sat here for quite some time.

If I mention the stroller she goes and gets in. And she is usually completely happy for at least an hour.

She was sure this foam block at the children’s museum was a slide. She kept trying it and seemed pretty confused when it just wouldn’t work properly.

She likes to test out the potty occasionally. Rip off some toilet paper and drop it down after trying to use it.

She loves being outside on the porch.

Sitting in a chair at the art table drawing just like the big kids. A popular activity.

Big Mac dressing her like a little doll and her deciding it’s sort of fun being doted on. For that moment anyway.

Going night night with dad on a spring day.

Cuddling curious george just like her brother did around her age.

I think she weighs about 19 pounds. Petite like her siblings. But she does continue to show much more interest in food than big sister. Even though she’s small, it’s without me bribing or doing much spoon feeding. Not bad.

A random thing, when I go into  her room to nurse her overnight, she almost always looks right into my eyes when I pick her up and says, “moooom” in the sweetest baby voice. It’s so sweet.

Easter, bikes, gardening

We had a laid back easter. For big mac’s birthday a couple weeks before easter we had our annual egg hunt in the yard. Then, on Easter we used a few egg kits to color eggs and the kids got their easter baskets. Baby z wanted to climb on the table more than to color eggs. Maybe next year she will be a little more interested. The big kids enjoyed coloring eggs though. You’ll have to forgive  the Easter pics being sprinkled throughout this post. I don’t seem to be able to reorder them at the moment. Grandma and papa got some flowers for the kids to help plant in their yard. These kids are lucky that they get to have so much attention from their grandparents. Even baby z was able to help out with watering with only a little help from papa.

We got the kids bigger bikes. The kids haven’t been as excited to learn as we thought, and Tim had been putting a lot of time into training to run 50 miles, but now that his race is over, I’m hoping we can manage to get them riding without training wheels soon.

Art and writing

We couldn’t believe kins didn’t trace this. She’s getting good at her proportions.

They both like teenage mutant ninja turtles right now.

Kins often writes reminder notes to herself before bed. She feels better about going to bed knowing she will see the note in the morning and wouldn’t forget whatever important agenda items she’s got in mind. For some reason, she signs them love, mama. This warms my heart that she wants the notes to be from me. I should write her more notes I guess.

Craft from a book that she got organized without much of my help. She carefully followed the instructions.

Big Mac has taken an interest in art too. It’s something they sometimes do together.

His Leonardo drawing.

Kins was singing in her room one night before story time. When tim was about to read the story she urgently told him to wait, she said she had to get the words written down before she forgot. Here are the lyrics.

Give it a high five

Give the sky a high five,

To make it a better place,

Rainbows will go a little higher,

So if you do,

Unicorns will come alive, 

All over the place,

Creating a unicorn world, world, 

So give the sky a high five,

At day or night,

So Rainbows will rise again,

With Unicorns tooo-hooooo, 

Rainbows will rise again,

With Unicorns tooo-hooooo!