Kins has her first adult tooth growing in. And the baby tooth is hanging by a thread still, but can’t last long. She is desperate to lose it at school, because she claims there is a special chart for kids who lose teeth at school, but you don’t get to be on it if you lose it at home. I’m guessing it’s for lost teeth regardless of the place though. 

And, a very, very, exciting new thing, baby z has started waking only 1x over an 11-12 hour night. A month ago she was waking 3x or even more. We finally tried cry it out, which I had dreaded because it did not work with big mac. He basically turned the tables on me, let me cry it out, and successfully trained me to feed him however many times he wanted overnight until he was about 2 and I weaned him. With baby z, it was much better. She cried for 2-5 minutes and went right back to sleep. This did repeat itself a few times until 1am when I decided she could really be hungry. Then again at 4 am we tried, but she was up at 5 so I fed her. And so she began waking 2x a night with that easy training and I decided to leave it alone since it was better sleep than I’d gotten in awhile. And then, with no explanation  (unprecedented, in my experience, sleep changes do not just happen on their own) she dropped to once per night. It’s been 4 night now, so I’m beginning to believe it may be our new and thrilling normal for awhile.

When we were all sick baby z learned to cough socially. This has turned into a quirk of hers. When she is excited, she does a quick couple of coughs while grinning. She does also laugh properly, but not nearly as often.  It’s hilarious and so cute to me that without fail, every time I get ready to nurse her, and she sees it’s about to happen, she wiggles frantically and does the excited cough. 

Hiking with the kids: old millcreek road and lake solitude 


Being goofy after getting to the meadow at the top of old millcreek road, about a 2 mile 

My littlest hiking buddy on our way to Lake solitude. 

lake-solitude-baby-carry lake-solitude-baby

The hike to Lake Solitude is gorgeous. It’s hard to push the kids along and they don’t enjoy it nearly as much as we do, but hiking with them is still well worth it. 

lake-solitude-dirty lake-solitude-family lake-solitude-rock

Here is another picture from the old millcreek road hike. Kins is getting to be a decent hiker. Big Mac is more whiny about it, but he does enjoy it some, especially when he gets a few minutes to play in the dirt.old-millcreek-2 old-millcreek-girls

They are the best of friends. old-millcreek-hug old-millcreek-mama-kids old-millcreek-mama-zz old-millcreek-zz old-millcreek old-red-mill-family

Sometimes they get too tired and Tim has to pull a superman. 


prince of wales view

Well, well, we’ve reached that point in our marriage where we hold permanent spouse positions. Our tenure anniversary has come and gone.  Fats Bar and Grill has closed, a pretty big blow to our usual date night agenda. We played there together as friends, when dating, and for almost 10 years of marriage.  It was very sad to learn it closed. Now, we have had to come up with new ideas for dates. One thing we’ve been doing now that my parents live nearby is going on kid free runs. For the big ten year we decided to go on a longer hike. We picked the Prince of Wales Mine hike, which is one of my favorites. It starts near Alta, so it’s green and filled with flowers and has great views right from the start, but the views at the mine are truly stunning.

prince of wales panoramic

prince of wales view (2)  prince of wales strong man prince of wales (2)prince of wales steamer

We extended it a little to go up to a saddle that overlooks Twin Lakes Reservoir. We did bring baby Z with us, she is easy to carry, happy to be carried, and she and I both still experience separation anxiety when apart.

prince of wales hiking buddy

The big kids are tougher to sell on hiking, and aren’t physically capable of hiking as fast as we prefer. Baby Z likes it pretty well. Being carried all snuggled, nursing on demand, napping, she finds it acceptable, maybe even invigorating if you go by the below picture.

prince of wales happy    prince of wales twin lakes view

Baby Z is sitting herself up regularly and also crawling just in the past couple of days. Her crawling is a struggle, but I’m sure she will be everywhere very soon. She has learned to wave and clap and does so upon verbal request. Here she is waving.

Big Mac and Kins like to narrate their play. Big Mac will say, “My tummy is full, dump truck said.” Maybe narrating play scenes this way is because of how books are structured.
Their first day. Those uniforms, too cute. I have enjoyed not having to think about clothing choices.

Big Mac has made a preschool friend. He says he and this boy play together every recess. It seems to have helped him look forward to school. He seemed very unsure about the idea of school, and he does drag his feet about going a little. But, once he arrives, he gets right to playing and has been happy the while 3 hours each day so far.
Combed hair. An unusual occur occurance before school began.

Kins likes calvin and Hobbes. Big Mac likes it fairly well too. Sometimes they’ll get laughing hard. Much of it is way over their heads, but Calvin’s expressions and mischief keep them entertained. A few days ago I caught kins reading this on her own for quite awhile. 

Kins still loves art.

And even big Mac has begun enjoying it. Sometimes she gives him lessons.

A power Ranger she drew for Laura’s kids.

We decided to screen in our porch. Living behind a strip of woods is cool in some ways, but there are a lot of flies and mosquitos. Recently we have also had wasp issues. Tim had more work to do than we anticipated.

But I love the result! Not quite finished but close.

sayings, school, 9 months old

Big Mac said, “We like fries! Wait. Kins, do we like fries?” And that is a good 60% of their interactions lately. He looks to her to see what he should do so often. I would say 10 of the time he torments her like a proper little brother. And then the remaining 30 he gets to be the boss leading games, or at least offering some resistance.

Yesterday he poked his head out the porch door, saw me in the yard, and yelled, “Mom! You ok?” He was just randomly checking on me. He can be the sweetest little guy.

He starts pre school Tuesday. Over the summer he was excited, then the week before his open house he was nervous and wanted to bag the whole thing. After dragging him to the open house and showing him all the toys in his classroom, he is back to excited. Hope it stays that way. It’ll be the first time he’s been away from me without being with my parents, Laura, or Kins (and that was just once for an hour at ikea).

Kins seems confident about 1st grade. She doesn’t act nervous at all. She is thrilled that she will get 3 recesses and to eat (hahahahaha) lunch there.  I am hoping it won’t phase her that she will be there so much longer than last year. I know I am going to miss her like crazy.

Baby Z is 9 months old now! She waves, claps, seems to predictably say “dah!” when she sees dogs, and says dada (unpredictably). She coughs socially, after a long illness in the family. She never had a real cough of her own, but she wanted to fit in. Videos of some of those things below. She is such a mellow girl. She doesn’t cry much and is easy to please. She isn’t sleeping too well overnight, that’s the only thing about her that is at all tough. She’s up 2 or even 3x a night. Working on improving that with some naptime cry it out. She has made a big improvement in her happiness with being in the crib falling asleep for naps and bedtime, still a little crying sometimes, but not much and sometimes not at all. So learning to fall asleep by herself without nursing is about complete. Next, dwindle down time nursing overnight until I just end up picking her up, putting her down again. Wish me luck. I think I was scheming how to get Big Mac to sleep without tons of crying for about 2 years before I ended up weaning him and he slowly improved after that. I don’t seem to be very good at this.

Kins was excited to learn how to play the interstellar theme song. She really liked the movie, not a children’s movie, but she is interested in other planets and the universe related things.