sayings, school, 9 months old

Big Mac said, “We like fries! Wait. Kins, do we like fries?” And that is a good 60% of their interactions lately. He looks to her to see what he should do so often. I would say 10 of the time he torments her like a proper little brother. And then the remaining 30 he gets to be the boss leading games, or at least offering some resistance.

Yesterday he poked his head out the porch door, saw me in the yard, and yelled, “Mom! You ok?” He was just randomly checking on me. He can be the sweetest little guy.

He starts pre school Tuesday. Over the summer he was excited, then the week before his open house he was nervous and wanted to bag the whole thing. After dragging him to the open house and showing him all the toys in his classroom, he is back to excited. Hope it stays that way. It’ll be the first time he’s been away from me without being with my parents, Laura, or Kins (and that was just once for an hour at ikea).

Kins seems confident about 1st grade. She doesn’t act nervous at all. She is thrilled that she will get 3 recesses and to eat (hahahahaha) lunch there.  I am hoping it won’t phase her that she will be there so much longer than last year. I know I am going to miss her like crazy.

Baby Z is 9 months old now! She waves, claps, seems to predictably say “dah!” when she sees dogs, and says dada (unpredictably). She coughs socially, after a long illness in the family. She never had a real cough of her own, but she wanted to fit in. Videos of some of those things below. She is such a mellow girl. She doesn’t cry much and is easy to please. She isn’t sleeping too well overnight, that’s the only thing about her that is at all tough. She’s up 2 or even 3x a night. Working on improving that with some naptime cry it out. She has made a big improvement in her happiness with being in the crib falling asleep for naps and bedtime, still a little crying sometimes, but not much and sometimes not at all. So learning to fall asleep by herself without nursing is about complete. Next, dwindle down time nursing overnight until I just end up picking her up, putting her down again. Wish me luck. I think I was scheming how to get Big Mac to sleep without tons of crying for about 2 years before I ended up weaning him and he slowly improved after that. I don’t seem to be very good at this.

Kins was excited to learn how to play the interstellar theme song. She really liked the movie, not a children’s movie, but she is interested in other planets and the universe related things.


Kins can be very kind and motherly for her age. On two occasions recently I left baby Z in a playpen just for 1 minute to pop into the bathroom. Both times I could hear her starting to cry before I came out. I came out to find Kins softly rubbing baby Z’s head or back, reassuring her that mama would be right back. One time I was extra impressed because I was at my parents house with company in town and it was loud in the kitchen where Kins was, but she still heard baby Z’s cries from the living room and rushed in. Another incident happened at a partly place with lots of bounce houses. Kins, Big Mac, and friends were playing a game where Kins was a lava monster protecting their bouncy fortress and when a smaller boy started to come in they yelled and scared him. I reprimanded them and explained that this little boy does not understand this game, and all he knows is a bunch of big kids are being mean to him. Kins immediately felt deep regret, apologized, included him, and took him under her wing for the last hour we were there. Guiding him around, holding his hand, helping him understand why he needed to leave his socks on (rules of the place).  She is still not great about understanding how to interact with baby Z in a way baby Z enjoys as often as I would like. Shoving toys into her face for example instead of offering them at a not scary distance. Shrieking in her face. Grabbing onto her leg or getting so close baby Z falls over. Kins loves baby Z with all her heart, so I know they will have a very special relationship. I am looking forward to when she learns some of these skills.


Big Mac doesn’t need as much managing around her, he does his own thing more. He hasn’t shown any jealousy like I had been afraid he might. This morning I overheard him and Kins talking while crowding around baby Z saying good morning. He said, “She’s our sister, Kins. Both of us get her as our sister.” He was saying it so tenderly.

zz and big mac

He likes when she pays attention to him. Even if it’s to poke around exploring his face not too tenderly.

zz max

She doesn’t see dad as much as mom, and her mama’s girl thing gives me the preference at times, especially if she is tired or we are in a new place, but she clearly adores her daddy. When she sees him after work or in the mornings if he forgets to say hello she stares until he notices her and then grins and laughs with glee when he does. It never fails to get her the attention she wanted.

zz and dad zz with bearded man

A trip to the zoo with cousins.zoo cousins

4th of July sparklers. Grandma has some good traditions going these past two 4ths that my parents have lived here. Sparklers, home made ice cream, watermelon, and watching the fireworks from their house. Our house has no good views, too many trees. We learned how much baby Z loves watermelon. She screams if you take it from her to give her a refill and she attacks it like a gator when she gets it initially.sparklers

Kins reading chapter books! It is incredibly satisfying to see her enjoy reading.reader

I thought her drawing of lego batman was pretty good.zozo art

I did her makeup and posed her to explore her likeness to Lucille Ball. Seems to be a similarity. She loved getting made up and posing.zoey lucille

On a little drive. We drove about 2.5 hours to see some dinosaur bones. The kids enjoyed the drive and being with cousins. Baby Z enjoyed sleeping on the way there and when we arrived she was like, wait, It’s 100 degrees, I have been in mama’s arms unable to explore anywhere for hours, and now, I’m supposed to sit in the carseat for 2.5 more hours? Nope. I better voice my displeasure. And she did. The entire drive home. I think maybe we’ll wait a bit before more long drives.windmills

From my front porch.sunset

On a run. I recently got a new personal record for a 5k! 8 min 16 second miles. Not gonna win any races, but it’s fun to get into better shape.running

Being sassy wearing make up. Sneak peak of teenage years. Will keep drilling in common sense and hope she stays strong in regards to boys when (right? She is my child after all but she is just such a beauty I think) they start swarming her. I somehow managed to do well in that department and I hope I can pass that along.makeover zoey2

Being sassy wearing make up just like big sister. makeover max

Happy is when your feet look like this, huh?hiking feet

Family pic on hike to Greens Basin. Kins made it round trip with only 5 minutes of carrying! Very proud of her.greens family

Big Mac took this with our selfie stick.greens family max2

And this one.greens family max greens basin zz dad greens basin flowers greens basin family shadows

Perfect chalk weather!chalk rain

Outlaws.bad guys

Almost 8 months old

zz sits zizi zebra zz tummy happy zz

Baby Z has 4 teeth and most likely will have 6 by the time she hits 8 months. She rolls easily all around, pivots, and scooches backward. She can sit well and can lean over on one elbow to get something to her side and sit herself back up again.

She likes to each cheerios, fruity or sweetened, absolutely not unsweetened. She spits those out and makes a barf face, it’s very dramatic.

zz plain cheerios

I give her food in a little mesh binky shaped thing, she loves watermelon the best.

She has recently begun refusing the binky consistently. She loved the binky for awhile, her eyes would get heavy the minute you gave it to her. I don’t know why she gradually quit taking it, but she seems to go to sleep fine now without it. She got resistant to naps in her crib around the time she didn’t want the binky anymore and we had do do a little cry it out. It was nothing like cry it out with big mac. Instead of endless hours of crying, she cried maybe 20 minutes and then went to sleep. Then less each time. Now she still sometimes cries 5 minutes before going to sleep, but that’s about it. She does 1 or 2 wakings between about 9 pm and 8 am. I think if I let her cry then we could probably eliminate one at least, but I haven’t done it yet. She usually takes 3 naps.  A 45 minuteish nap in the morning and early evening, and a big 2 hour or so nap around 1.

zz cuddles zz carrier zz carrier (2)

She has recently gotten to be a mama’s girl. Even Tim won’t do often. She will let my parents hold her, but if she sees me, she often cries and leans and reaches for me. It’s pretty sweet I have to admit, but not very practical. She gets very upset if someone she doesn’t know holds her or even leans in too close when I am holding her. She needs time to warm up from a distance and to ease into being held by a new person.

It’s great when babies become champion nursers and need no help except for access. Handiness captured in pic below, nursing while hiking, so stopping necessary.

greens hike nursing

She’s got a steady personality that I think is probably similar to what Kins was like at her age, but I admit my memory does not work well enough to say for sure. Big Mac was mostly either thrilled or upset when he was her age, not a lot of middle ground. He got frustrated trying to learn new skills but also would revel in accomplishment after hard work. She isn’t easily frustrated. She does a lot of little giggles at dogs or silly kids, and she often laughs a breathy laugh with the thrill of seeing me or Tim. She mostly doesn’t cry if I am with her, she is such a sweet snuggle bug. I am relishing all of the baby cuddles I can get, since she is our last baby planned.

Here she had fallen over, but she was rolling with it and stayed happy.

its ok having fun

She likes to have the sheet to pull over her head and off again for peekaboo when I change her diaper on the bed.peek a boo



Recently, Kins rushed upstairs with a jolly rancher in her mouth to hide it somewhere while max wasn’t looking. She swallowed it accidentally on her way and broke down sobbing as if her leg was broken. Then she kept trying to hack it back up. A few minutes later I asked her where she was going to hide it. She said in her room in her drawer where she keeps her garbage friends that I don’t know about. And I had seen some scraps of paper in there so I told her I knew all about her garbage drawer. And she goes, oh, so you know about my diaper friend? It stinks up my whole room every time I open the drawer. I was crying I was laughing so hard that she has been tenderly harboring a used diaper friend.


The kids started saying what the heck recently,  amd something about them using the phrase bothered me a little. I started giving them examples of what else they could say like “what the car?” “What the dirt road?”  Max has now decided he likes, “what the truck” best of all. Hm. Maybe I should have left heck alone…