A school project, Kins is obsessed with penguins now as a result.


Penguin oragami.


We went sledding at a park that’s half a mile away. Turned out there was about 8 inches of snow to trudge through and the kids got tired fast. Tim ended up getting his exercise getting there.

wp-1485630644523.jpg A lego penguin. wp-1485630622145.jpg

Domino robot.wp-1485630615062.jpg

Used an app to fancify ourselves. wp-1485630516640.jpg wp-1485630511833.jpg

The kids and I were laughing hard at how Tim’s turned out.wp-1485630526206.jpg wp-1485630521130.jpg wp-1485630502659.jpg

Best running efforts and 2016 stats.¬† I didn’t use this app until March so the miles are a little bit low. Tim has been working outside the office a lot lately and also a lot of hours so it’s been hard to get any running in. Plus, I am sick and at least 1 kid has been sick for over a month now. Winter with a child in public school, standard I guess. Point is, I’m looking forward to getting some more regular running in soon. Tim, the nut, is signed up for a 50 mile race in June. I thought about pacing him a 10 mile section, but, sadly, I think it’s doubtful I could keep up with him even after he’s run 40 miles. Maybe if the 10 miles was a little uphill or at least flat, but it’s mostly down and I don’t do very well on downhill.wp-image-291837867jpg.jpg

14 months 

Baby Z will walk holding a hand, very unsteadily. She feels safe enough with kins that she will walk if kins holds both of her hands. Just a week ago baby z wouldn’t walk at all even holding both of my hands, she would want to drop down and crawl instead, so this is good progress. She takes maybe 2 steps between holds or over to me regularly.

She loves imitation. She has learned from her siblings to pick her nose, inspect her findings, and then eat it. Bleh. One day I saw her playing with a paw Patrol figure and it’s vehicle. The vehicle has a little square indent where you set the figure. She put it in right side up, and began crawling all over with it, driving it.

She is 17 pounds, the same, or possibly smaller than Kins at the same age. However, she has an enthusiasm about eating that kins never had, so I don’t worry about the same eating struggles with her. I forget her length, but I know it’s below the 5th percentile. She is just starting to wear 12 month pajamas. Her 9 months pajamas still fit, but are tight on her toes in the carrier when the crotch gets pulled tight.

She loves going up and down the stairs.

Nearly immobilized by snow gear, but still happy.

With dad and I.

She loves rides on the tricycle. High supervision required for this, but they all love it.

Lately and Baby Z is almost 14 months


Big Mac wanted to see how his eye looked magnified.

Papa reading to big Mac, incorporating some tickles was popular.


Big Mac is enjoying his new reading and writing skills. He still finds reading to be hard work and doesn’t like doing it for long. Writing is more fun. big-mac-writing

Here is a drawing he did of baby z in her walker chair.big-mac-zz-walker

Baby Z likes to lay her head and say, “night night” on blankets or pillows. big-mac-zz

At boondocks for kins birthday. Playing a transformers arcade game.


We made gingerbread.gingerbread-big-mac gingerbread-kins gingerbread

Sometimes if we want to watch something too scary for the kids we set them up a space behind the couch, they like it.ipad-cuddles

The aquarium with friends.kids-aquarium

These cats are using their broom tails to sweep. Kins art.kins-art

A pillow craft she got for her birthday, she really enjoyed it.kins-bday-craft

She had a good turnout for her birthday party. We had it at home. We made shrinky dink charm bracelets, it was a hit.kins-bday

Kins wanted to draw starry night, we did an art night and both drew it.kins-starry-night

She wanted a rainbow cake. I dribbled colored frosting in several colors randomly across a white cake and then just smeared them around with a knife. Turned out pretty well.


Both reading while I showered.readers


Snowman building. We have had a lot of snow so far this winter.snowmen

My mom helped the kids make felt stuffed bears. It was very fun and we made a few other things too, like this optimus prime doll.stuffed-optimus

Walked by a window one evening and noticed a very rosy glow, it was because of this stunning sunset.sunset

Baby Z found this doll in a bin and was talking to it and very intrigued.zz-baby

She brushes her hair often. She also talks on the phone and says hello.zz-brush

In her walker chair. She is starting to stand on her own for a few seconds often. She enjoys the chair. Sometimes the big kids and her all run around the house playing peek a boo or chase, its cool to see her able to participate in their games. sometimes she walks around outside of the chair but using it as a walker.zz-happy-walker

zz-shower-dad zz-swing

There was an ornament on the tree with a picture of kins on it. Baby z would bee line for that ornament and talk to it for awhile several times a day.zz-tree

Here she is wrapping ribbon around her neck. She immediately wraps any cords around her neck. Babies this age are so scary.zz-tree2

She is only just 17 lbs. If anything a little smaller than  Kins at the same age. She crawls very fast and often stands lightly using one hand for balance. She has no interest in holding my hands to walk, she acts like it’s a very weird suggestion and she might humor me and take a few steps that way, but she would much rather get down and crawl independently. She won’t take too long to start walking, maybe in the next month.

She is my koala bear. At her happiest being toted around by me or tim. She melts down at the suggestion of going to anyone except my parents or laura, and even then, she demands I take her again if she sees me. She will hang with gma happily for awhile if she doesn’t see me leave, so at least that’s handy. It’s not convenient, but it is sweet, and I savor our close bond. A year from now she probably will want a lot more independence, so I am enjoying how much time she wants to spend snuggled up to me right now.

Old pictures

I’ve been having a hard time keeping up, so some of these pictures are pretty old.

Big Mac and I went to the aquarium a few times without Kins while she was in school. We haven’t done it much lately, he is hard to get out of the house. I should probably force the issue, but Baby Z is at a hard age where she wants to crawl everywhere and not sit in a stroller, and I can’t let her crawl around somewhere like that. Hopefully when she learns to walk it will be a little easier…. that doesn’t sound right though, does it? Here is Big Mac admiring a turtle who was saying hi.


One day I was holding Baby Z and feeling her toes when I noticed a clump of lint stuck to her toe. I checked it out, and the lint was attached to a rope of many strands of hair, wrapped around her toe. It had gotten fairly dramatic. a-toe-hair-copy

My little running buddy. Lately, it hasn’t gotten above freezing, so we have been really slacking on running. Next week we are supposed to get above freezing and we can do some more running.a-stroller-buddy-copy

A sick Big Mac. Not currently. Currently, it’s Kins who is sick. She just came down with a fever and so unfortunately, this may be in Big Mac’s near future.a-sick-boy-copy

Another aquarium picture.a-shark-bite-copy

Aww, being helpful. He gets a little aggressive about pushing the stroller and gets pouty about me taking over, but he has good intentions in his heart.a-good-bro-copy

Kins drew a picture of her and Locke as babies.a-friends-portrait-copy

Having a sleepover. They sleep in the same room every night, but they wanted to sleep in the same bed so this is what we came up with.a-floor-sleepover-copy

Now would be a more appropriate time for this activity, we’ve had quite a bit of snow.a-fall-sled-ride-copy

More running buddy pics.a-double-kids-copy a-double-kids-2-copy

Dad had to go to work.a-dont-go-copy

Such good friends.


Don’t pay attention to how Baby Z’s face is a weird blur…a-aquarium-trip-copy

The girls went to see the play Anne of Green Gables. We all had fun. Kins was desperate for a dress with puffed sleeves after.a-anne-play-copy